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Online Tutoring: The Both Sides

Online tutoring is all about using web services or the internet for tutorials or tutoring activities. Students would be learning from their tutors through the use of internet. Online tutoring or e-tutoring would need certain applications and programs, like instant messaging that would make discussions possible. Aside from discussions and lectures done through internet and web conferencing, quizzes, exam results, and recommendations are also done through the internet.

For some parents, it would be better to get regular and traditional tutors that would teach their children face to face. There are some parents who are wiling to avail online tutoring services because their children seem to be more productive. But online tutoring is not totally beneficial, it would have its disadvantages too.


If you are a tutor planning to offer online tutoring services, then it would be totally important for you to have access to a reliable computer equipment, internet connection, tutorial applications that would help children with their tutoring session. Sometimes, there would also be bandwidth speed requirements so that the applications would work efficiently.

Preparing the lessons would take much of your time, which is why online tutoring is also demanding. Online teachers are needed to prepare or answer customer support and feedback. Aside from that, teachers would also have to prepare different materials like whiteboard and this could entail a lot of time.

Since, lessons are not face to face, there would be times when students would lose focus faster making it hard for tutors to teach the lessons effectively. There are too many distractions, like television, radio and other websites that could divert your studentís attention. Teachers find it more difficult to build rapport with their students when teaching online.


We could say that online tutoring benefits could outnumber its disadvantages. The best thing about online tutoring is that it is flexible. The child would be able to identify what kind of help and how much help is needed from online tutors and tutoring groups. Regardless of the time, a child would not have trouble looking for help. He can do homework while seeking additional help from the online tutors.

Parents and children would also be able to set coaching sessions on the most convenient time. Parents would be able to fit it to their busy schedule, while children can still continue in participating in extracurricular activities. These schedules are agreed before sessions start. Just make sure that you would be abiding to these schedules. You could also easily have coaching sessions since you just need to have internet access to connect with the online tutors.

It is typical for some parents to find it difficult to leave their children in the custody of tutors. Of course, parents would always worry about their kidsí safety during private sessions. For some concerned parents, getting good tutors and educational support without sacrificing their childrenís safety could be answered by online tutoring.

Some parents also find that getting online tutors is more affordable, especially those that have computers and internet connection at home. Paying online tuition is also hassle free, since you do not have to bring the payment to the tutorís home or to the tutorial institution. Aside from that, online tutoring allows a tutor to focus more on the child and handle academic difficulties.


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