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Important Things to Consider When Tutoring Adolescents

Success in school and beyond is important to majority of adolescents. This is the reason why they consider tutoring a big help to them. However there are still some who struggle accepting tutors despite of the difficulty they are encountering with their studies. For these teens, working with a tutor, violates their sense of "cool." If your a tutor and you pull your tutee out of a class to work with him, this may cause him embarrassment and thus it is likelt that you might encounter resistance from his end.

The best tip that you should take as a tutor is "never take it personally." You should be prepared for such reactions, however, be persistent. By keeping a positive attitude - showing up every week and planning literacy activities - will most likely break his resistance. Deep down, whether they evidently expresses it or not, most adolescents are happy to have someone spend uninterrupted time with them and tailor instruction to their needs and interests.

Some tutoring programs have designated locations while some lets the tutor and tutee find their convenient place. There are complicated consequences with both push-in and pull-out tutorials. Some students who are pulled out of their classroom publicly feel excluded from the community. This affects their self-esteem and their relationships with other students.

Push-in tutorials on the other hand, cut down the stigma for students and may allow you and your tutee to work with his or her peers. However, some tutees prefer pull-out tutorials to avoid embarrassments (especially if the student don't want to show his peers that he is seeking help). Thus, as a tutor, your student's profile largely affects the choices you make regarding the program.

Classroom organization can also affect your decision. Some classrooms have students coming and going all the time and students can leave without much notice. This type of classroom organization gives the advantage of students leaving without much notice. So if your tutee opted the pull-out tutorial, it won't be hard for him of her to leave anytime of the class.

Other classrooms are set up in workshop style. "That enable students to make individual choices about reading and writing activities and to pursue those activities at various times," (Tutoring Adolescent Literacy Learners, 30). This type of classroom organization might allow you to tutor undisturb in one corner of the room. While some have a combination of activities and a number of helpers present. This makes your presence not mean anything exceptional.

Productive sessions can be made in various areas of school like library, cafeteria, or a small part of auditorium. It is also important to pick a place where other adults are present to have someone to turn to for help.

There are three formats for tutoring; one-to-one, pairs, and small groups, each has their respective advantages and disadvantages. One-to-one tutoring enables you to have his or her undivided attention. In this way, you can address his or her specific needs. You can also easily assess his or her progress over time through one-to-one tutoring.

Tutoring in pairs makes it easier for you and your tutee to establish rapport. Paired tutoring is perfect for adolescents as many teens and preteens thrive on interactions. Among the formats for tutoring, Kelly Chandler-Olcott says that small groups are considerably the most problematic. It is often difficult to find multiple students with exactly same needs.

Also, multiple tutee may be easily distracted that is most likely to create management problems. Third, a larger group is more inclined to stray from agenda as tutees can talk with each other.


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